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Here at AccelerationS.org we want to offer knowledge that is basic, practical and useful;

Our world today

We live in an ever changing and somewhat chaotic world, and while it is indisputable that a measure of stress is necessary for growth, it is also indisputable that chaos is detrimental to growth and health;
Here at AccelerationS.org, we want to go back to basics, and look at practical and useful knowledge such as law, mathematics, logic, rhetoric and metaphysics.

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"The Seed of Change law course is one of the most profound courses i have ever done. My whole life now is structured to reflect what i learned in the course"

- Lisa

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Skills to reach heights

Our world is now overloaded with information and disinformation; most struggle to discern between: what is true and what is not; what is is relevant and what is not; what skills they need in life and what they do not;

At accelerations.org we will focus on skills that are useful for life; with these skills you one should be able to adopt and thrive in life;

Testimonials of those who have taken the law course

real men and women giving their opinions about the seed of change course, see if what they say helps you determine if this is the thing for you or not