The Seed of Change

“Those that give up freedom for safety deserve neither.”
~Benjamin Franklin~

a course in self responsibility and law

what is this course about

first of all, this is a course in self responsibility;

traditional societies knew, and some still know to day, how to handle disputes without the need of a "third party" to get involved;

those of mankind living in those societies, or groups have a code of honor, a method of providing remedy, a lawful system they use to remove controversy when it arises;

as time went on, the legal society and legal system were created, slowly but firmly this system took hold of societies and today prevail over most of the planet and has displaced law;

although we live on this planet, most of us do not understand the legal system, or the "LAW" as the men and women of the legal society and society at large likes to call it;

the question is then, how are we supposed to live by a code that we do not understand, that is different in various places on the planet, and that keeps changing frequently without notice being sent to each of us;

in addition, who makes these "LAWS"; why do we not make the laws ourselves; is it possible to make the laws ourselves; the answer to the latter is yes, if you know who you are, what law really is, how to set the law, and how to uphold the law;

that and more can be learned in this course;

there's a growing number of men and women learning the basics of law now on this planet; they're trying to correct the record by undoing what they have not done well in the past and starting to self govern;

from a single seed to a green island

those of mankind that have made a difference on this planet started on their own; we can liken them to a single seed of change that was pure in intent, single mined in their thought, and relentless in their pursuit;

their vision was inspired, with the force of creation behind them; yet, they had to go against the current, and because they were determined to see their visions come true, today we call them geniuses.

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